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Experiential Workshops for Students

The target group of the experiential workshops are students aged from 6 to 14 years. The overall aim of these workshops is to raise awareness amongst students on a range of bully-related issues which can affect them at any stage in school. These workshops aim to involve students in combating bullying, by improving their understanding of the topic and of the causes of bullying; educating them on how they can identify bullying and how to address the issue with the help of teachers, parents and other school actors if they discover that bullying is taking place in their school. These students are the end-user target group of these workshops; however the workshop outlines and resources have been designed to be delivered by teachers. They can be easily integrated into the school curricula, delivered using typical classroom resources and they address the needs of the students in upper primary and lower post-primary school in understanding and responding to episodes of bullying.

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