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Reading Against Bullying

An important and innovative component of the ComBuS Toolkit is the activities designed around the theme of ‘Reading Against Bullying’. This component of the Toolkit consists of a profile of relevant books and reading materials which are appropriate for students aged from six to fourteen and which deal with the topics of bullying, building relationships with classmates, dealing with conflicts and dilemmas in school, understanding different cultures and other topics relevant to the issue of bullying. These profiles of books include a short synopsis of the book and explain why the book is relevant to school-based bullying. They are also accompanied by a sample activities and lesson plans which teachers can use with their class to get students reading about and discussing the issue of bullying in schools. These activities are a useful resource for teachers, and are targeted at students; with the aim of empowering them to talk about and understand bullying behaviour so that a change can be brought about in their attitudes and behaviours towards bullying in schools.

Anti-bullying Reading List

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