Based on the results of the literature review and analysis of needs, the ComBuS consortium has moved on to and completed its second goal: the development of the ComBuS Toolkit, a participatory, whole school program that will empower students, teachers, school staff, school leaders and parents in fighting bullying.

The ComBuS Toolkit includes the following:

  • Online Platform and Digital Tools
  • Mobile Application
  • Blended Learning Modules for School Leaders, Teachers, School Staff and Parents
  • Experiential Workshops for Students
  • Peer to Peer Support Guidelines
  • In Class Activities
  • Reading Against Bullying
  • Material for thematic school days
  • Evaluation Rubrics
  • Implementation Guidelines

The Toolkit is available online at the project’s website and is free. It is currently being translated, localised and adapted in the national contexts of the partner countries.