The ComBuS Mobile Application is a new innovative tool which will help to fight against bullying in schools. It is now available to download free of charge, and will allow teachers, parents and students to access guidance, advice and toolkit resources on-the-go. The ComBuS Mobile App provides information and training materials as well as guidelines for peer to peer support among students and their parents. The ComBuS Mobile App is compatible with all mobile web platforms.

You can find the ComBuS Mobile App here.

This mobile application is part of the ComBuS Toolkit; a suite of guidelines, resources and activities which will help to raise awareness of bullying in schools and to help identify, report and tackle the issue of bullying in primary and post-primary schools in Europe. The Toolkit includes activities and resources which are targeted at school leaders and principals, teachers, support staff, students and parents. Presented through the ComBuS website, this Toolkit acts as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all in the school community who want to be supported and guided to combat bullying in their school.

Based on the findings from the project’s extensive and diverse needs analysis and literature review research process, this Toolkit contains best practice resources which appeal to all members of the school community, including sample lesson plans for in-class and extra-curricular activities, blended learning modules for school leaders, teachers and parents, peer support guidelines for students and assessment tools and rubrics for teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of the ComBuS Toolkit in combatting bullying in their schools.


About the “Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program” Project [ComBuS]

ComBuS is a whole school programme designed to empower students, teachers, school staff, school leaders and parents to effectively combat bullying and create healthy and safe school communities. ComBuS is financed by the European Commission under the Justice Programme.

Led by CARDET, the ComBuS project is being delivered across Europe by a support team of 6 other partner organisations from 5 EU Member States, namely: ITC (Spain), UPIT & GIE (Romania), KMOP (Greece), FORIUM (Italy) and Meath Partnership (Ireland).

For more information about the project, please visit the project website: or find us on &