This research report has been elaborated in the framework of the “Combat Bullying: A Whole School Program”(ComBuS) project, more specifically under Workstream 1 (WS1) “Needs Analysis and Literature Review”...

Anticipating in a way the ComBuS project objectives, since December 2013 the association ACCEPT has prepared a set of detailed recommendations for preventing and combating bullying..

The report "Bullying among children" achieved based on a sociological nationwide study, conducted by the organization Save the Children Romania, begins by pointing out that there is no Romanian word for bullying (words such as "humiliation", "harassment" are..

The study "The phenomenon of bullying in schools," the first of its kind in Romania, conducted by the Child Helpline Association in the period March to June 2014, on a sample of 2,000 students shows that..